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Martin Creed

Work No. 227, The lights going on and off, 2000 

5 seconds on / 5 seconds off, MOMA, New York, 2007

Christoph Girardet, Exit

The large, 3-channel video projection ‘Exit’ (here with ‘No Forever (Golden)’ in the background) is room-specific. 5 video projectors cast images on 5 x 20 fields on a glass ceiling. The digital split-screen effects, as in a video wall, and a cassette deck permit the use of a maximum of 100 individual pictures. This creates an artificial sky of rhythmic image sequences: lightning illuminates the room, hands stretch toward each other, galley slaves provide an ornament of the mass. The projectors’ indirect spatial references to Albert Speer’s light dome, together with motific affinities to Fritz Lang’s film ‘Metropolis’ and the fascist aesthetics of ornament the neighboring work also uses a motif from the Nazi film ‘Die goldene Stadt’ (‘The Golden City’) by Veit Harlan condense the feeling of being overwhelmed and trapped.

Rudolf Frieling


Fiona Banner


Martin Creed

Half the air in a given space (various incarnations), 1999-2013

balloons, Multiple parts, each balloon 16 in. diameter; overall dimensions variable

art should not be taken so terribly seriously.
work no. 201, ‘half the air in a given space’
translates this normally invisible measurement of air
into a tangible form.
it is a room filled with balloons which contain exactly
half of the air that was calculated to fit inside that room.
visitors wade through a sea of latex gliding slowly to avoid
popping the work. it is unpredictably playful.



Douglas Gordon, From God To Nothing


Ivan’s Childhood, 1962
Andrei Tarkovsky


Hands and Feet by Peter Judson

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Emily Jacir, Memorial to 418 Palestinian Villages which were Destroyed, Depopulated and Occupied by Israel in 1948, 2000

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